People Raise Money For Mother Who Got Car Repossessed With Week-Old Baby Inside

People Raise Money For Mother Who Got Car Repossessed With Week-Old Baby Inside

In Evansville, Indiana, Sabriya Miles experienced a terrifying ordeal when her car was repossessed with her 7-day-old baby inside. While briefly running her 4-year-old son into daycare, a repo man took her vehicle with the newborn still strapped in her car seat. Miles, unaware of the repossession, initially believed her car and child had been stolen, leading to a frantic and distressing few moments.

The repossession agent, described as conducting a “bootleg repossession,” only drove a few miles before contacting the police to address the situation. Thankfully, the baby was safely reunited with her mother soon after. However, the car, which contained essential items like car seats and Miles’s phone, was not returned. Miles claimed she had no prior notice that her car was at risk of being repossessed.

The incident drew mixed reactions online, with many criticizing Miles for leaving her baby in the car while running the errand. However, local lawyer Tanisha Carothers was moved to assist after seeing the backlash and the challenges Miles faced as a single mother juggling the care of her children. Carothers set up a GoFundMe page to support Miles, emphasizing the need for empathy and understanding.

Carothers’s campaign aimed to raise funds to help Miles purchase a reliable vehicle and replace the items lost during the repossession. The fundraising effort quickly surpassed its $6,000 goal, reaching around $8,500. Carothers announced that they would soon begin the search for a new car for Miles, expressing excitement about helping her get back on track.

Miles, who has been a mother since she was 15, expressed her gratitude and determination not to let such an incident happen again. Despite the frightening experience, the community’s outpouring of support has provided her with a path to regain stability.