People Shocked That Real Politicians Will Appear in Next ‘Call of Duty’ Game

People Shocked That Real Politicians Will Appear in Next ‘Call of Duty’ Game

Call of Duty fans are abuzz with excitement and intrigue after the release of the trailer for the next installment in the Black Ops series, which features real-life politicians. Titled ‘The Truth Lies,’ the black-and-white trailer dropped on May 28, ahead of a full reveal scheduled for June 9. This latest entry, possibly set during the Gulf War in the 1990s, includes appearances from a range of political figures both past and present.

The trailer kicks off with Bill Clinton ominously stating, “Your whole life is a lie,” followed by Margaret Thatcher’s cryptic comment, “Behind closed doors, where we hide the world’s secrets.” Other recognizable figures such as George H. W. Bush, Colin Powell, and Saddam Hussein also make appearances, delivering lines that hint at a significant conspiracy.

Fans have taken to social media to share their theories and reactions. Some are speculating that the inclusion of these figures could mean they will be part of a playable cast in a secret zombies map, reminiscent of the ‘Five’ map in the original Black Ops. Others are humorously suggesting potential in-game skins, like a “Margaret Thatcher Warzone skin.”

The trailer has reignited excitement among long-time Call of Duty fans, many of whom felt the franchise had lost its edge in recent years. The mysterious and dark tone of the marketing campaign has led some to believe that the series is returning to the quality of Black Ops 2. One fan commented, “The vibes from this marketing so far got me convinced cod is back to [Black Ops 2] level, at least the campaign will be.” Another expressed, “This is the most I’ve actually been excited for a Call of Duty game. I don’t think we’re prepared for how dumb this is going to be.”

In addition to the intriguing trailer, Microsoft confirmed that Call of Duty Black Ops 6 will be available day-one on Xbox Game Pass. Activision has promised that more details and an in-depth look at gameplay will be revealed during the full reveal event on June 9 at 1 pm Eastern time. This new chapter in the Call of Duty franchise is poised to captivate fans with its blend of historical figures and dark, conspiratorial narrative.