People Think The Simpsons Predicted The ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl

People Think The Simpsons Predicted The ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl

Fans of “The Simpsons” have found what they believe is an episode predicting the recent viral sensation, Hailey Welch, also known as the “Hawk Tuah” girl. Welch shot to internet fame after a vox pop interview where she humorously described a technique to “make men go crazy,” involving a spitting sound and a suggestive gesture. The clip rapidly went viral, and as is often the case with viral moments, viewers sought out a corresponding moment in “The Simpsons.”

In the 1992 episode titled “New Kid on the Block,” from Season 4, fans noticed a scene where a new character, Laura Powers, spits on Bart Simpson’s hand during a prank, claiming it’s a sign of good fortune. This moment is being cited as the show’s uncanny prediction of the “Hawk Tuah” phenomenon.

The episode revolves around Bart falling for his new babysitter, Laura, who ends up dating school bully Jimbo Jones. Bart, trying to win her affection, ultimately resorts to a prank that gets Jimbo into trouble. Despite Bart’s efforts, the most memorable part of the episode for fans now is the scene involving Laura’s prank on Bart, which they claim mirrors Hailey Welch’s viral moment.

The “Simpsons” prediction trend has become a recurring theme on social media, with fans frequently pointing out moments from the show that seemingly foretell real-world events. This latest connection further cements the show’s reputation for its coincidental yet eerily accurate “predictions,” keeping it a topic of conversation decades after its episodes originally aired.