Post Malone Leaves Server Speechless With ‘Biggest Tip of Their Life’

Post Malone Leaves Server Speechless With ‘Biggest Tip of Their Life’

In a delightful twist of generosity that’s sure to make service industry workers everywhere a tad envious, Post Malone, the superstar known for hits that stick like grits, has left a server utterly gobsmacked with a tip that’s anything but ordinary. Known off-stage as Austin Richard Post, this 28-year-old music maestro isn’t just about laying down tracks; he’s also laying down some serious cash when it comes to showing appreciation.

During a visit to an undisclosed eatery, where the bill came to a jaw-dropping $3,475.50, Malone decided to almost double his bill, leaving a $3,000 tip. Yes, you read that right. Not a typo. Three grand. As tips go, that’s less of a tip and more of a financial windfall. The server, who’s been in the game for two decades, was understandably over the moon, declaring it the largest gratuity they’ve ever received.


This act of kindness sparked a lively discussion on Reddit, where the server shared their story. It turns out this isn’t a one-off for Malone, who seems to be as generous with his money as he is with his melodies. Another user chimed in, sharing that they too had been on the receiving end of Malone’s largesse at his birthday bash, where he handed out $1,000 tips like party favors.

But the conversation didn’t stop with Malone. Other celebrities got a mention for their tipping habits, with Martin Sheen earning praise for his bar generosity. It seems the world of celebrity tipping is as varied as their talents, with some being surprisingly generous and others… well, let’s just say they might need a reminder that servers don’t live on compliments alone.

So, next time you’re humming along to “Circles” or “Congratulations,” remember that Post Malone isn’t just making hits; he’s also making someone’s day with gestures that go well beyond the music. And for those in the service industry, the dream of serving a superstar suddenly comes with the tantalizing possibility of a tip that could very well be life-changing.