Rebel Wilson Claims Royal Family Member Invited Her to Sex Party at Billionaire’s Mansion

Rebel Wilson Claims Royal Family Member Invited Her to Sex Party at Billionaire’s Mansion

Rebel Wilson, in her newly released memoir Rebel Rising, recounts a particularly startling experience when she was invited to a medieval-themed, drug-fueled orgy, allegedly by a member of the British Royal Family. This revelation comes as part of a series of candid stories Wilson shares about her encounters with the rich and famous. According to her account, the lavish event was hosted by an American tech billionaire and featured unusual entertainment like horseback jousting and poolside mermaids, designed to set a fantastical scene.

The invitation to the party, Wilson claims, came from a royal who is distantly in line for the throne. This royal figure apparently made it clear that the purpose of the gathering was not just social mingling but an orgy, as indicated by his request for more female attendees. Wilson’s surprise escalated when, during the event, what was initially presumed to be a tray of candy was revealed to be MDMA, commonly known as molly, clearly intended for use by the guests participating in the orgy.

Feeling misled about the nature of the event, Wilson chose to leave immediately, shocked by the revelation and uncomfortable with the situation. She discusses this decision in her book, highlighting her discomfort and the misrepresentation of the party’s true intent. Wilson’s departure from the event underlines her stance on personal boundaries and the importance of transparency in invitations to such private events.

In addition to this alarming event, Wilson’s memoir also delves into her experiences on film sets, particularly with Sacha Baron Cohen during the production of Brothers Grimsby. She alleges that Cohen repeatedly pressured her to perform nude scenes and behaved inappropriately, including an incident where he exposed himself and made unwelcome requests. These experiences, as recounted by Wilson, paint a picture of the sometimes problematic and boundary-pushing encounters in Hollywood.

Through Rebel Rising, Wilson sheds light on the darker, often hidden aspects of celebrity and entertainment cultures, involving unexpected and unspoken challenges. Her revelations about the interactions with high-profile figures and the explicit events she was unwittingly invited to participate in have sparked discussions about consent and the ethical boundaries of celebrity interactions. Wilson’s openness in sharing these experiences serves as a call for greater integrity and respect in private elite circles.