Retired Couple Books 51 Cruises In A Row Because It Was Cheaper Than Retirement Home

Retired Couple Books 51 Cruises In A Row Because It Was Cheaper Than Retirement Home

Marty and Jess Ansen, a visionary couple from Australia, have redefined retirement goals by booking not one, not ten, but a staggering 51 back-to-back cruises. Why, you might ask? Because, in a twist that would make any financial advisor do a double-take, they discovered it’s cheaper than living in a retirement home. In what might be the ultimate “sea-nior” citizen move, they’ve decided that sailing the seven seas beats spending their golden years on land.

Their aquatic adventure began in June last year when they embarked on the Coral Princess, turning the cruise ship into their floating home. Complete with indulgent entertainment, endless buffets, and daily table tennis matches, the Ansen’s retirement plan is nothing short of a dream vacation on loop. More than a year into their journey, they show no signs of slowing down, proving that retirement doesn’t have to mean staying put.

Marty, in a moment of inspiration, told his travel agent to “book it” for anything that comes up, leading to their record-breaking cruise marathon. They’ve become such fixtures on the Coral Princess that they outstay even the captains, welcoming new ones aboard as if they’re the unofficial greeters of the high seas. The hotel manager on board, Ren van Rooyen, affectionately refers to them as the most dedicated passengers, jokingly calling them his second mum and dad.

Every morning, the couple hits the table tennis table for an hour, which Jess describes as the perfect exercise to prep them for a day filled with buffet indulgence. Celebrating Jess’s birthday on board, the crew made sure it was a special one, highlighting the strong connections and familial bond they’ve formed with the staff. With over 450 days of cruising under their belts, Marty and Jess are living proof that retirement can be an endless adventure.

Their innovative retirement plan has turned heads and sparked conversations about the cost of retirement living, showcasing a lifestyle that prioritizes joy, exploration, and, evidently, a lot of table tennis. As they continue to sail from one destination to another, one thing is clear: Jess and Marty are not just surviving retirement; they’re thriving in it, one cruise at a time.