Salt Bae faces backlash after showing off ‘obscene’ $109,000 bill from his restaurant

Salt Bae faces backlash after showing off ‘obscene’ $109,000 bill from his restaurant

Salt Bae, the moniker of celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe, has sparked controversy among his social media followers after posting a receipt showing a group of four diners spending an eye-watering $109,000 at his Dubai restaurant in a single visit.

Gökçe, who rose to internet fame in 2017 for his flamboyant meat-slicing skills and unique method of sprinkling salt off his forearm, has since expanded his brand into a global chain of Nusr-Et Steakhouse restaurants located in cities such as London, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Ankara. His establishments are notorious for their lavish menu items, including the gold-coated tomahawk steak, commanding prices in the thousands.

The contentious receipt, shared by Salt Bae on Instagram with the caption “Money comes money goes,” detailed how the group amassed such a hefty bill during their four-hour dining experience. The food portion of the bill, featuring items like golden steak, golden baklava, and beef carpaccio, totaled $4,500. However, it was the alcohol that significantly inflated the bill, with over $79,000 spent on drinks, including pornstar martinis and bottles of Chateau Petrus from the 2009 and 2011 vintages.

Even the cost of water was astonishing, with six bottles priced at $82. Additionally, a charge of $163 for “Saltbae Salt” appeared on the bill, presumably for Gökçe’s personal tableside seasoning service.

The receipt also showed a generous $24,500 tip for the servers, a substantial amount for just a few hours of service.

The extravagant spending did not sit well with many, especially in light of the ongoing global cost of living crisis. Critics flooded the comments section of the post, labeling the expenditure as “obscene” and criticizing the wastefulness of spending such sums on a meal. Comments ranged from disbelief and disappointment to outright condemnation, with one user stating, “That embarrassing that anyone would spend $100,000+ ON F**KING FOOD,” and others highlighting the stark contrast between such luxury and the widespread issue of hunger around the world.

Despite the backlash, Salt Bae has not issued a public response to the criticisms over the lavish bill.