Shane Lynch From Boyzone Said Taylor Swift Is Performing Demonic Rituals On Stage At Her Show

Shane Lynch From Boyzone Said Taylor Swift Is Performing Demonic Rituals On Stage At Her Show

In the latest episode of “Celebrities Say the Darndest Things,” former Boyzone star Shane Lynch has stirred the pot by suggesting Taylor Swift’s concerts are more than just a showcase of catchy tunes and sparkly outfits. According to Lynch, a 47-year-old born-again Christian, Swift’s performances are peppered with Satanic rituals and evil messages, hidden in plain sight among the high notes and choreography. Speaking to the Irish Sunday World, he painted a picture of concerts where the dark arts meet pop arts, complete with hooded figures, mysterious masks, and fiery ceremonies.

Lynch, who seems to have a keen eye for the occult in places one might least expect it, points out that Swift’s stage setups often include what he describes as demonic elements, such as pentagrams and other symbols that could be straight out of a witch’s handbook. “But to a lot of people, it’s just art,” he laments, suggesting that many fans are blissfully unaware of the malevolent forces at play.

His concerns aren’t limited to Swift alone; the music industry at large, particularly genres like hip-hop, are on his radar for embedding Satanic imagery and messages that, according to Lynch, tug at the very soul of the listener. This revelation has led him to renounce several music genres altogether, in an effort to safeguard his spirit from the sinister beats.

This isn’t Lynch’s first rodeo in the arena of controversial comments. He previously branded both Beyoncé and Sam Smith as astonishingly demonic during a Premier Christian Radio podcast appearance last year. Meanwhile, Swift, who is currently enchanting audiences down under on her Eras Tour, has yet to respond to Lynch’s claims. However, this is not the first time Swift’s performances have been interpreted through a mystical lens. She previously sparked speculation for using hand gestures and scenic elements that some eagle-eyed observers have linked to occult practices.

While Lynch’s observations might send some fans on a witch hunt at Swift’s next concert, others might simply chalk it up to the creative expression of one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Whether Swift is indeed channeling the dark arts or merely the art of sensational stagecraft is up for debate. But one thing’s for sure: her ability to conjure up a storm of media attention is nothing short of magical.