Sidemen Member Bought Girlfriend Expensive Gift to Make Up for Adult Star Sitting on Him

Sidemen Member Bought Girlfriend Expensive Gift to Make Up for Adult Star Sitting on Him

Ethan Payne, known in the YouTube realm as Behzinga, found himself in quite the predicament that led to a shopping spree for an apology gift. The Sidemen star, renowned for his gaming and challenge videos, inadvertently became the centerpiece of controversy after an adult star sat on him during a video shoot. This incident, part of the Sidemen’s ‘Tinder in real life’ series, saw Ethan doing a comedic bit that ended with Mia Malkova taking a seat a tad too close for comfort.

This unforeseen interaction didn’t sit well with Ethan’s partner, Faith Kelly, especially considering the timing. Faith, who was pregnant at the time, didn’t exactly find humor in the situation. Ethan, in a bid to smooth things over, had to whip out the big guns—or in this case, a Prada bag. Yes, you heard that right. To navigate his way out of the doghouse, Ethan opted for the classic ‘apology via luxury handbag’ route, a maneuver as old as time (or at least as old as designer brands).

The aftermath of the incident and Ethan’s pricey peace offering were revealed during an episode of Sidecast, shared on the Sidemen’s subscription-based streaming service, Side+. Amidst laughter from his Sidemen comrades, Ethan disclosed that the Prada peace treaty initially went unappreciated, with Faith refusing to wear the bag for three weeks, still simmering over the incident.

However, patience is a virtue, and Ethan’s wait paid off when he finally spotted Faith sporting the designer apology. It was a moment of relief and, presumably, a lesson learned for Ethan: mixing business with pleasure can lead to unexpected costs, both financially and emotionally.

Despite the rocky episode, Ethan and Faith’s story had a happy continuation, with the birth of their daughter Olive in September 2022. It’s a reminder that even in the whirlwind world of YouTube fame, influencers navigate the same relationship challenges as the rest of us—albeit with a slightly more glamorous remedy at their disposal.
The incident and its resolution offer a glimpse into the unique dynamics of public figures managing personal relationships in the spotlight. It’s a blend of modern-day love, social media pitfalls, and the timeless art of making amends, proving that sometimes, a little retail therapy can go a long way in smoothing over life’s unexpected bumps.