Steve-O Set to Sell LA Home As He Plans To Move To Tennessee

Steve-O Set to Sell LA Home As He Plans To Move To Tennessee
Credit: Instagram/gavthane

Steve-O is making a significant change, bidding farewell to his Los Angeles roots as he plans a move to the greener pastures of Tennessee. Known for his daring stunts on “Jackass,” Steve-O is now taking a leap of a different kind, selling his Hollywood Hills home for $1.799 million, a decision that comes just a week after he announced his relocation plans. The move to Tennessee is partly influenced by the state’s tax benefits, which promise a lighter financial burden compared to California.

His Los Angeles property, listed as a superb deal given its coveted location and amenities, features 2,300 square feet of modern luxury, including three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Perched atop a scenic hillside, the home boasts expansive city views. The interior is equipped with a chef’s kitchen and state-of-the-art appliances, while a private deck offers an exclusive outdoor retreat. This real estate gem encapsulates the very essence of upscale urban living.

As Steve-O prepares to transition to his new life, he is not just changing locations but also lifestyles. He plans to establish an animal sanctuary in Tennessee, reflecting his long-standing commitment to animal welfare and a shift towards a more tranquil, purpose-driven life. This new endeavor is a far cry from the wild antics that once defined his public persona, signaling his personal and professional evolution.

In Tennessee, Steve-O aims to create a haven not only for himself and his fiancée, Lux, but also for animals in need. This move aligns with a growing trend among celebrities who seek a slower pace of life away from the glare of Hollywood. The state’s appeal is bolstered by its welcoming tax structure and the burgeoning community of artists and entertainers who are finding their new home in its inviting environment.

This significant lifestyle change comes as part of a broader migration trend, with celebrities like Joe Rogan relocating to states like Texas for similar reasons—lower taxes and a different cultural backdrop. Steve-O’s decision underscores a broader shift in how personalities from the entertainment world are reevaluating what matters most in their lives. As he closes the chapter on his time in California, his real estate agent, Cesar Melendrez, commends him for his growth and looks forward to his future endeavors in animal advocacy and beyond.