Taylor Swift Supports Travis and Jason Kelce’s ‘New Heights’ Podcast with One Subtle Move

Taylor Swift Supports Travis and Jason Kelce’s ‘New Heights’ Podcast with One Subtle Move

Taylor Swift demonstrated her support for boyfriend Travis Kelce by engaging with content related to him on social media. The pop icon showed her approval by liking a video on Instagram from the “New Heights” podcast, hosted by Travis and his brother Jason Kelce.

In the discussed video, Travis Kelce recounts an incident from a recent Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game where Jason celebrated a touchdown by exuberantly removing his shirt, engaging with fans, and then returning to their suite. Travis humorously noted the lack of footage capturing Kylie Kelce’s, Jason’s wife, reaction to the antics, expressing a desire to have seen her response.

Jason Kelce, 36, shared that he had pre-warned his wife Kylie about his intentions to celebrate in such a manner, despite her insistence that he refrain from doing so. He humorously recounted their exchange, highlighting his determination to proceed with his plan regardless of her objections.

Kylie Kelce had hoped for a more reserved demeanor from Jason, especially since it was their first time meeting Taylor Swift. Jason reminisced about their first meeting, humorously noting it wasn’t under the most sober circumstances, which seemed to set a precedent for his behavior.

Despite Jason’s unconventional way of celebrating, Travis mentioned that Taylor Swift thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. Kylie Kelce later teased her husband in the comments section of the post, humorously quoting him and suggesting she might use a similar line to justify getting a cat. Taylor Swift also liked this comment, indicating her amusement.

Travis and Jason Kelce

During the game, Swift was seen interacting with Jason, high-fiving him after his jubilant celebration, although Kylie appeared less enthused, attempting to usher her husband back into their suite with assistance.