Teenager Left Hanging From Power Lines by Broken Leg Explains The Scariest Part of the Accident

Teenager Left Hanging From Power Lines by Broken Leg Explains The Scariest Part of the Accident
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

In a harrowing car crash that occurred on May 22, 2021, Kennedy Littledike, a 19-year-old from Idaho, endured a life-altering ordeal that has since captured the attention of many across social media. Kennedy miraculously survived after her car lost control and crashed into a power pole, an accident that sent her vehicle flipping and resulted in her being flung approximately 30 feet into the air, ultimately leaving her hanging by her broken leg on a power line.

Kennedy’s ordeal didn’t just stop at the crash; she was suspended in the air for nearly an hour, bleeding severely from her injuries, while a worried crowd gathered below. In a striking turn of events, the wire she was caught on pinched off the main artery in her leg and cauterized another in her arm when she was electrocuted, actions which likely saved her from bleeding to death. After being rescued, she was rushed to the hospital where she was placed in a medical coma. The severity of her injuries led to the amputation of her leg and partial paralysis of one arm.

Despite the severity of the incident, Kennedy’s spirit remains unbroken. She has undergone over 21 surgeries but has found new strength and purpose. She now leads an active life, enjoying skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking with the aid of a prosthetic leg. Her journey of recovery and adaptation has inspired many as she shares her story openly on social media.

In a YouTube video, Kennedy spoke about the most terrifying aspect of her experience. She highlighted the confusion and fear she felt while suspended on the wire, not understanding why she was there and why it was taking so long for anyone to help her down. This moment of extreme vulnerability, coupled with the physical trauma, marked the scariest part of her ordeal.

Kennedy also revealed that the incident has left her with lasting emotional scars. The sound of sirens and the sight of flashing lights trigger memories of the crash, causing her significant distress. High speeds, especially when driving over 60mph, bring back flashbacks of the accident, affecting her ability to drive without fear.

Through her recovery, Kennedy has also found love and is currently in a relationship that she describes as the happiest she’s been. Her story is not just one of survival but also of profound resilience and an unyielding will to reclaim a fulfilling life after a near-fatal tragedy.