TJ Miller Says He Will Never Work With Ryan Reynolds Again

TJ Miller Says He Will Never Work With Ryan Reynolds Again

TJ Miller has publicly stated that he would never work with Ryan Reynolds again, following their collaboration on the first two “Deadpool” films. Miller, who played Weasel in the franchise, expressed his feelings during an appearance on the “Adam Carolla Show,” where he discussed his perception that Reynolds disliked him and how the actor’s success with “Deadpool” seemed to change him.

Miller recounted an incident on set where Reynolds, while in character as Deadpool, was harsh to him as if addressing him personally rather than his character, leading to an awkward and uncomfortable moment. Despite this, Miller acknowledged Reynolds’s talent, describing him as a great improviser and a better comedian than himself. He also conveyed a sort of admiration for Reynolds’s performance as Deadpool, despite their personal differences.

While “Deadpool 3” is in development, production was halted in July due to the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG-AFTRA) joining the ongoing industrial action in Hollywood. Despite Miller’s absence from the upcoming film, anticipation remains high, particularly with Hugh Jackman joining the cast as Wolverine, promising to bring an exciting dynamic to the movie.

Miller’s candid remarks provide insight into the sometimes complex and strained relationships that can exist behind the scenes in Hollywood, even among successful collaborations. Meanwhile, fans eagerly await the next installment of the “Deadpool” series, hopeful that the film will continue to deliver the humor and action they have come to love.