Trailer For New South Park Ozempic Episode Leaves Fans Divided

Trailer For New South Park Ozempic Episode Leaves Fans Divided
YouTube/ South Park Studios/ Paramount+

The highly anticipated special episode of “South Park,” titled “South Park: The End of Obesity,” is set to air on May 24, and its preview has already sparked a divided reaction among fans. The episode delves into the contentious topic of Ozempic, a medication originally used to manage blood glucose levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes, but which has recently gained popularity as a weight-loss drug. This trend has seen notable figures like Rebel Wilson admitting to using it for shedding pounds, while its misuse has also faced criticism.

In the preview, released by South Park Studios on YouTube on May 15, the characters encounter “these new crazy drugs people are doing.” Despite being warned about the potential dangers, 10-year-old Cartman—whose weight has been a frequent subject of the series—expresses his desire to try the drug. When he is denied access to what he calls “life-changing medicine,” the children decide to take action on their own.

The reactions from viewers have been varied. Some fans are eagerly looking forward to the episode, expressing their excitement on social media. One enthusiastic commenter stated, “This is gonna be crazy,” while another added, “Lmfaooooooo I can’t wait for this.” Another fan mentioned, “Man, I haven’t watched South Park in a decade but this might bring me back… they never miss.”

However, not all reactions have been positive. Some longtime viewers criticized the show for what they perceive as a lack of original ideas. One user remarked, “They ran out of ideas,” and another nostalgically noted, “I miss so much the old episodes before season 20, when everything was so random and stupid.” Another viewer humorously resisted the idea of Cartman losing weight, writing, “Nuh uh, we can’t have a slim Eric T. Cartman, naaaah.” Additional comments compared the new special to previous episodes, with one stating, “This is Weight Gain 4000 all over again,” and another describing a skinny Cartman as “cursed.”

While some fans appreciate the humor and topicality of the specials, others are anxious for the series to return to its traditional format. One viewer encapsulated this sentiment by saying, “The specials are funny and all, but when are they going to make another season?”

“South Park: The End of Obesity” continues the show’s legacy of addressing current social issues through satire. Despite the mixed reviews, the episode has generated significant buzz and anticipation. Whether the special will meet the diverse expectations of its audience remains to be seen, but it is clear that “South Park” still has the power to ignite conversation and controversy.

For those interested in viewing the preview and gauging the reactions for themselves, the episode will be available on Comedy Central and Paramount+. South Park Studios has yet to respond to the comments, but the new special is sure to attract significant attention when it airs.