Travis Kelce Said He’d Rather Marry Katy Perry and Kiss Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce Said He’d Rather Marry Katy Perry and Kiss Taylor Swift

In a delicious nugget of celebrity trivia that’s as spicy as a bowl of hot wings at a Super Bowl party, Travis Kelce found himself in a classic game of “Kiss, Marry, Kill” back in 2016, long before anyone could predict the romantic whirlwind that would sweep him into the arms of none other than Taylor Swift. The twist? His choices included Taylor Swift herself, alongside Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. Fast forward to today, and this throwback is causing quite the stir, especially since Katy Perry recently made a surprise appearance at Taylor’s concert down under, burying the hatchet of their once-famous feud.

In this cheeky game, played during a lighthearted moment with AfterBuzz TV, Kelce found himself in a pickle. With a lineup that could easily headline any music festival, he made the tough call to “kill” Ariana Grande, emphasizing it was nothing personal and that he actually thought she was great. This left him with the formidable task of choosing between Taylor and Katy. His verdict? Marry Katy and kiss Taylor. Who knew this playful interview would resurface, especially now that he’s Taylor Swift’s main squeeze?

The humor of the situation isn’t lost on anyone, especially considering the timing. Back in 2016, Taylor and Katy were in the midst of a pop star cold war, making Kelce’s preference for Katy as his hypothetical wife all the more intriguing. But as fate would have it, Taylor and Katy have since mended fences, with Katy even rocking out to “Bad Blood” at Taylor’s Sydney show, a moment of pop culture reconciliation that had fans everywhere cheering.

Fast forward to the present, and Travis Kelce is living his best life alongside Taylor Swift, his actual love interest, proving that celebrity crushes and playful interviews are mere footnotes in the unpredictable story of love and life. The couple is going strong, with Kelce supporting Taylor as she continues her “Eras” tour and celebrating another Super Bowl win with the Kansas City Chiefs. As for Katy, she’s in the mix but purely as a friend, with Kelce’s eyes firmly set on Taylor.

And Ariana? Well, she’s probably not losing any sleep over the Kelce snub, considering her own stellar career and personal life. After all, in the grand scheme of things, a playful game of “Kiss, Marry, Kill” is just that – playful and not a serious declaration of intent. It’s a funny reminder of how much can change in a few years, with feuds ending, relationships blossoming, and everyone moving on to bigger and better things.

In the end, this resurfaced interview serves as a lighthearted snapshot of a moment in time, adding a humorous layer to the evolving relationships and friendships among some of pop culture’s biggest names. It’s a testament to the fact that in the world of celebrities, you never quite know what’s going to happen next – except, perhaps, for more surprises and unexpected plot twists that keep us all entertained.