Travis Kelce Travels to Australia to Attend Eras Tour in Support for Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce Travels to Australia to Attend Eras Tour in Support for Taylor Swift

In a move that screams “relationship goals,” Travis Kelce has taken his support for Taylor Swift to international levels, landing in Sydney, Australia, to cheer on his superstar girlfriend during her Eras Tour concerts. Fresh from clinching his third Super Bowl victory with the Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce, aged 34, swapped his football gear for fan merchandise as he prepared to join the ranks of Swifties this weekend.

Kelce’s touchdown in Sydney was caught by local news, marking the beginning of what seems to be an offseason filled with love, support, and a considerable amount of frequent flyer miles. After a brief golf detour in Las Vegas—a celebration of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win—Kelce is now set to play the role of Swift’s number one fan at the Accor Stadium, where Swift, also 34, is scheduled to perform four shows. This visit is just the kickoff, as Kelce plans to accompany Swift to Singapore and then onto Europe, turning their summer into a whirlwind tour of concerts and romantic getaways.

The couple, who began their public love story last summer, have since become one of the most talked-about duos, blending the worlds of sports and music in a way that’s captivated fans across both arenas. Swift, for her part, has been spotted cheering Kelce on at 13 Chiefs games this season, proving that her support game is as strong offstage as it is on. Now, it’s Kelce’s turn to return the favor, embarking on a global tour to support Swift’s musical journey.

Their relationship, which began with a failed attempt by Kelce to gift Swift a friendship bracelet, has blossomed into a high-profile romance filled with public displays of affection and mutual admiration. From Swift running into Kelce’s arms backstage in Argentina to celebrating the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory together, their love story has had more twists and turns than a Swift song.

As they prepare to take on Europe next, one thing is clear: whether it’s on the football field or the global stage, Kelce and Swift are each other’s biggest fans. With the NFL season on pause until late August, Kelce’s summer is set to be filled with music, travel, and, undoubtedly, more adorable moments that will have fans and tabloids alike watching their every move. In the game of love, it seems Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are playing for keeps, proving that even in the celebrity world, a little support goes a long way.