Turbulence Was So Bad On This Boeing Flight That Someone Got Stuck In The Ceiling

Turbulence Was So Bad On This Boeing Flight That Someone Got Stuck In The Ceiling

A terrifying incident occurred on an Air Europa flight from Madrid to Montevideo, Uruguay, when severe turbulence caused a passenger to be thrown into the ceiling of the Boeing jet. The video captures the man’s feet sticking out from above an overhead bin, and thankfully, he was able to move his feet, signaling he was alive. Fellow passengers managed to dislodge him and return him to his seat.

The turbulence over the Atlantic injured 30 out of the 325 passengers on board. The scene inside the plane was chaotic, with oxygen masks hanging loose and ceiling panels disrupted. Passengers described the experience as resembling a horror movie, with many feeling it was a near-death situation.

Air Europa reported that the plane was diverted to Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil, where the injured passengers received treatment at the Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel Hospital in Natal. This incident adds to the series of challenges Boeing has faced recently, including other severe turbulence events and tragic fatalities.

The dramatic event highlights the unpredictable nature of severe turbulence and the importance of safety measures. Passengers and crew experienced firsthand the violent forces that can occur mid-flight, underscoring the critical need for strict adherence to safety protocols. As aviation safety continues to evolve, incidents like these serve as stark reminders of the ongoing efforts required to protect passengers in all flight conditions.