Vanna White Gives Co-Host Pat Sajack A Tearful Farewell After 4 Decades of Wheel of Fortune Together

Vanna White Gives Co-Host Pat Sajack A Tearful Farewell After 4 Decades of Wheel of Fortune Together

Vanna White, the iconic co-host of “Wheel of Fortune,” shared an emotional farewell to her long-time colleague Pat Sajak as he filmed his final episode after 41 years on the show. The moment was filled with heartfelt tributes, reflecting the deep bond and history shared between the two television legends.

In a touching display, Vanna White, who has been with the show since 1982, expressed her gratitude and admiration for Sajak. “Working with Pat has been a highlight of my life,” she said tearfully. “His wit, his humor, his kindness – he’s made every day on set something special.” The sentiment was shared by the audience and crew, many of whom have spent decades working alongside the duo.


Pat Sajak, known for his sharp wit and smooth hosting style, has been a fixture on American television, becoming a beloved household name. During the farewell, Sajak reflected on his time on the show, expressing his appreciation for the fans and the incredible journey he’s had. “It’s been an honor to be a part of so many people’s lives,” he remarked. “I’ve had the best seat in the house.”

The final episode was a celebration of Sajak’s tenure, featuring highlights from his time on the show, and messages from celebrities and past contestants who praised his contributions to the world of television. The episode was also marked by a special tribute video showcasing memorable moments, from the funniest bloopers to the most heartwarming victories.

As Sajak prepares to step down, the future of “Wheel of Fortune” is on the minds of many fans. Vanna White, who has become synonymous with the show, will continue her role, but she acknowledged the challenge of moving forward without her long-time partner. “It’s going to be different,” she admitted. “But we will keep spinning that wheel and making memories.”

The episode ended with a standing ovation for Sajak, who was visibly moved by the outpouring of love and support. As he waved goodbye to the audience, there was a sense of both closure and continuation, as the legacy of “Wheel of Fortune” is set to carry on even as it bids farewell to one of its most cherished hosts.

In this poignant moment, the departure of Pat Sajak marks the end of an era for “Wheel of Fortune.” His presence on the show has been a constant for generations, and his departure leaves a legacy of warmth, humor, and professionalism. Fans and colleagues alike will remember his contributions fondly, and as the show moves forward, the impact of his 41-year tenure will continue to resonate.