Viewers Desperate to Rewatch New Netflix Crime Series that’s Being Called a 10/10

Viewers Desperate to Rewatch New Netflix Crime Series that’s Being Called a 10/10

Netflix’s latest offering, ‘The Brothers Sun,’ is quickly becoming a must-watch for viewers in 2024. Created by Brad Falchuk, renowned for ‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story,’ and Byron Wu, the series premiered on January 4 and has already been binge-watched by many.

The plot revolves around Charles (Justin Chien), whose father, a Taiwanese triad leader, is killed by an unknown assassin. Charles travels to Los Angeles to protect his mother Eileen (Michelle Yeoh) and younger brother Bruce (Sam Song Li). The family navigates their differences while dodging assassination attempts, and viewers are thoroughly enjoying the ride.

The cast, featuring Michelle Yeoh of ‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once,’ Justin Chien (‘The Madness Within’), and Sam Song Li (‘Take The Night’), adds to the series’ appeal. ‘The Brothers Sun’ boasts an impressive 93 percent audience score and 85 percent Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans have been vocal in their appreciation. One viewer commented, “Strangely enjoyable, watched a few before I could decide if it was good or not then got addicted and watched the whole series in two days.” Another shared, “Thoroughly enjoyed and may rewatch it soon!!!” A third added, “10/10 binged it within a day. I absolutely LOVE the comedy dynamic they went with, action, and storyline. ALL GOOD.” A fourth praised the series for its “enough depth of story to hold interest, a touch of humour, brilliant placing and great action scenes.”

In a Deadline interview, Wu discussed the blending of multiple genres, stating, “We love comedy, action, drama, and mystery assailants [type stories], and we wanted to do all of those things. And the show just felt like it had space for it. From the pilot, I really wanted to do a dark-action comedy. I had seen so many great shows that were pushing the boundaries of genre, especially in the half-hour to an-hour space, like Barry and Killing Eve and BoJack Horseman, Get Shorty. These shows were doing something that I thought was so tremendous that they were doing things that were generally reserved for movies. And I felt like I wanted to do that, Brad wanted to do that, so we just did it. […] But it was really just, I hope it works, I hope people respond to it and like it, because to us, we felt like it did, and that’s all we could really base it on.”

Given the positive feedback on Facebook and Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear that viewers are more than just liking ‘The Brothers Sun’ – they’re loving it.

‘The Brothers Sun’ is available for streaming on Netflix now.