Viewers Left ‘Speechless’ after Netflix Adds Darkest Horror Movie in Years that ‘Messed with their Heads’

Viewers Left ‘Speechless’ after Netflix Adds Darkest Horror Movie in Years that ‘Messed with their Heads’

Netflix has recently introduced a psychological thriller to its collection, and it’s rendering viewers utterly ‘speechless’.

With the holiday rush behind us, many are turning to Netflix for a different kind of thrill—a newly added film that’s causing quite a stir. The movie, directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala and penned by the duo along with Sergio Casci, features a star-studded cast including Riley Keough of ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’, Jaeden Martell known for ‘It’, Lia McHugh from ‘A House on the Bayou’, Alicia Silverstone of ‘Clueless’, and Richard Armitage from ‘Obsession’.

Originally released in 2019 and debuting at the Sundance Film Festival, ‘The Lodge’ has only recently become available on Netflix. The official synopsis teases a chilling scenario: “Snowed in with her fiancé’s two children at a remote cabin, a woman haunted by the past begins to suspect that she’s caught in a terrifying trap.”

Despite a mixed reception with a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 51 percent and a tomatometer rating of 75 percent, the film is leaving a lasting impression. Viewers have taken to X, formerly Twitter, to express their shock and awe at the film’s intense and disturbing content. One user exclaimed, “WHOA. I don’t remember what made me put THE LODGE on my Netflix list, but the first ten minutes has maybe the most shocking moment I’ve seen in a film in a while.”

Others shared similar sentiments, with one noting, “Dude I just watched the lodge on Netflix………that s**t messed me UP. holy s**t… if y’all like creepy stuff that’ll mess with your head you need to watch it. It’s insane,” and another simply stating, “I just watched ‘the lodge’ on Netflix and I’m speechless.” The film’s impact is undeniable, with many rating it highly.

However, amidst the praise, a word of caution has been shared regarding a particularly graphic scene early in the film. A viewer warned, “If you’re sensitive to s*icide do NOT watch ‘The lodge’ on Netflix. There is an extremely violent s*icide without warning. Please share this. 100 percent triggering and painful to watch.”

‘The Lodge’ is now available for streaming on Netflix, promising a haunting and head-spinning experience for those brave enough to watch.