Viral Video Shows Maid of Honor Give Speech Over Facetime Because She Was in Labor

Viral Video Shows Maid of Honor Give Speech Over Facetime Because She Was in Labor

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade; but when life gives you a newborn baby on your best friend’s wedding day, you deliver an epic maid of honor speech via FaceTime! This was precisely the scenario for Ally, whose highly anticipated role at Michelle’s wedding took a dramatic turn into the delivery room. Despite the unexpected timing, Ally proved that not even childbirth could stop her from fulfilling her maid of honor duties, albeit in a slightly unconventional manner.

The emotional high point of the Atlanta nuptials was captured in a viral TikTok video, showing bride Michelle tearfully absorbing every word of Ally’s speech from a hospital bed miles away. Starting her address with a humorous quip about childbirth not being a valid excuse to miss the maid of honor speech, Ally immediately set the tone for a speech that was going to be anything but ordinary.

Ally’s speech took the guests on a heartfelt journey through her friendship with Michelle, filled with inside jokes, precious memories, and even a suggestion for a potential podcast featuring their wild adventures together. From dead salamanders and house fires to boyfriends and breakups, Ally recounted the pivotal moments that cemented their bond. She shared a touching anecdote about their time in Italy, where a profound sense of gratitude and recognition of their sisterhood emerged, humorously suggesting that this bond might require them to become sister wives—baby in tow.

The bride, Michelle, visibly moved by the speech, was supported by her new husband as Ally’s words reminded everyone present of the depth of their friendship. This unique maid of honor speech not only tugged at the heartstrings of those in attendance but also captured the hearts of millions online, with viewers commending Ally for her beautifully crafted words and her dedication to being there for her friend, no matter the circumstances.


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Ally’s blend of humor, nostalgia, and heartfelt emotion made for an unforgettable speech, illustrating the unbreakable bond between two friends and the lengths they’ll go to support each other. It’s a reminder that while life doesn’t always go according to plan, it’s the love and laughter we share along the way that truly matters. As for living together as sister wives, well, that’s a plot twist we’ll just have to wait and see!