Woman Claiming To Be Prince Phillip’s Secret Love Child Drops Massive Bombshell on Royal Family

Woman Claiming To Be Prince Phillip’s Secret Love Child Drops Massive Bombshell on Royal Family

A woman claiming to be the love child of the late Prince Philip has made a startling revelation about her alleged royal lineage. This sensational claim came to light when she approached Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who himself claims to be the secret son of King Charles and Queen Camilla. Dorante-Day, who resides in Australia, has previously gained attention with his own claims, presenting what he describes as “new evidence” and “uncanny” photographs.

The woman, Colleen Wensley-Garcia, also known as Grace Victoria Mountbatten, alleges that Prince Philip, the father of King Charles, is her biological father. Her story emerged last year when she knocked on Dorante-Day’s door in Queensland. Dorante-Day recounted to 7News that in December 2023, a woman with an American accent visited him, claiming to be the secret illegitimate daughter of Prince Philip. She explained that she had traveled from San Francisco after hiring an investigator to locate him. Her intention was to obtain a sample of his DNA to compare with hers to confirm their royal connections.

Dorante-Day found the situation suspicious, concerned it might be an illegal attempt to procure his DNA. Despite his doubts, Wensley-Garcia has escalated her claims, now demanding the release of FBI and CIA documents to prove her paternity. Legal papers obtained by 7News show that her case was filed on May 7 in the United States District Court, Northern District of California. She alleges that her claims have led to threats, harassment, and surveillance, and she insists that documents held by the FBI, CIA, and possibly the US Department of Defense include her birth certificate, which she believes will confirm Prince Philip as her father.

Dorante-Day, however, remains skeptical of her allegations, arguing that Prince Philip would not have allowed his name on her birth certificate and questioning why she did not come forward with her claims while the Duke of Edinburgh was still alive. He also expressed outrage at being dragged into the situation without his consent.

This unfolding drama adds another layer to the ongoing intrigue surrounding the British royal family, highlighting the complexities and controversies that continue to emerge.