Woman Has 5 Strict Rules For Her Boyfriend and The Internet Doesn’t Hold Back Opinions

Woman Has 5 Strict Rules For Her Boyfriend and The Internet Doesn’t Hold Back Opinions

In the ever-evolving world of relationships, where swiping right is the new courting and ghosting is the modern-day “Dear John” letter, one woman has taken the internet by storm with her non-negotiable relationship rules. Meet Taylor, a TikTok sensation who has laid down the law with five strict commandments for her beau, prompting a digital divide among her 342k followers.

First on the docket: the “No Girl Best Friends” policy. Taylor’s stance is clear—girl best friends are a no-go zone. “Because I don’t believe in them. I think those get messy,” she declares. It’s like saying, “You can have friends, just not those friends.” Taylor allows acquaintances and pals but draws the line at a BFF with XX chromosomes.

Next, she champions the “Share Your Location” initiative, mostly for safety, she claims. It’s not about trust, you see; it’s about knowing if your significant other is at the gym or secretly indulging in a donut binge. “Am I stalking every hour? No,” she assures. But let’s be honest, who hasn’t done a bit of investigative geo-locating now and then?

Rule three is a classic: “No Strip Clubs.” While some couples might make it rain together, Taylor’s man is strictly barred from such establishments. “You can go to bars. You can have a guys’ day, but strip clubs? Absolutely not.” It’s like saying, “Have fun, but not too much fun.”


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On to the financial frontier: “Split the Bills.” Taylor advocates for economic equality, asserting that while chivalry is charming, it shouldn’t lead to bankruptcy. “Especially early on, the guy should take on the majority of the bills,” she admits, “but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pay for a dime.” It’s all about balance, much like a perfectly calibrated seesaw.

Last but certainly not least, the “No Liking Bikini Pics” edict. In Taylor’s view, double-tapping on another girl’s beachwear shot is a cardinal sin. “It’s a huge red flag for obvious reasons,” she explains. Because nothing says commitment like a curated Instagram feed.

Credit: TikTok/@taylordonoghuee

The reaction? As varied as flavors in an ice cream shop. Some applaud her for setting boundaries, while others question the tight leash. “But when guys say this, we are insecure,” one commenter points out. Touché.

In an intriguing twist, Taylor’s boyfriend retaliated with his own set of rules, proving that relationship bylaws are a two-way street. His list includes classic hits like “Don’t flirt with guys at the bar” and “No lip filler.” Fair’s fair, right?

As we navigate this tale of love in the time of TikTok, one thing’s clear: relationships are as unique as the individuals in them. Whether you’re Team Taylor or believe in a more laissez-faire approach, remember that at the end of the day, it’s about finding someone whose rules don’t make you want to run for the hills.