Woman Shares Her Bridge Driving Rule After The Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Woman Shares Her Bridge Driving Rule After The Baltimore Bridge Collapse

In a recent viral TikTok video, Lauryn Jeter shared a unique safety tip she practices when driving across bridges. This advice comes in the wake of the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. The incident occurred when the container ship Dali lost power and collided with a primary support column of the bridge. Despite the quick action of the Dali’s crew, who issued a distress signal allowing police to prevent traffic from accessing the bridge, six construction workers on the bridge at the time are missing and presumed dead, with two bodies already recovered.

Lauryn’s safety tip is simple yet potentially life-saving: she always rolls down her car windows when crossing bridges. She explains that this practice, which was instilled in her as a child, is to ensure an escape route if the need to exit the vehicle underwater arises, as water pressure can make it nearly impossible to open windows or doors when submerged. While this advice may have once seemed overly cautious, the recent bridge collapse has lent it new urgency, with many viewers of Lauryn’s video vowing to adopt this precaution.

The bridge collapse has not only resulted in tragic loss of life but has also disrupted operations at one of the US’s busiest ports, Baltimore. This incident is expected to have significant ripple effects, given Baltimore’s key role in the automotive industry and the ongoing disruptions in major global shipping routes.


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This article draws attention to the broader implications of such infrastructure failures and highlights the importance of individual safety measures, like Lauryn’s window-rolling practice, in potentially life-threatening situations.