Woman Was Raised 7 Feet In The Air After Getting Caught In Opening Shutters

Woman Was Raised 7 Feet In The Air After Getting Caught In Opening Shutters

In a bizarre twist that sounds more like a scene from a slapstick comedy than real life, 71-year-old Anne Hughes found herself unexpectedly taking flight outside a local shop in Tonteg, South Wales. While patiently waiting for the store to open, Anne, leaning against the shop’s shutter, became an unwitting participant in an impromptu aerial act when her coat got snagged by the shutter’s hook.

As the shopkeeper obliviously activated the shutters, Anne, still clutching her shopping trolley, was hoisted into the air, dangling in a position that defied both gravity and dignity. It was a scene that would have been hilariously absurd if it weren’t so alarmingly real.
“I thought flipping heck!” Anne recounted, echoing the thoughts of anyone who’s ever found themselves in a predicament straight out of a cartoon. Her outcry went initially unnoticed until the shutter fully opened, presenting the shopkeeper with an unexpected window display – Anne, suspended mid-air.

The rescue operation was swift, with one person stabilizing Anne while another worked the shutter, ensuring her safe descent back to terra firma. Anne’s concern during this ordeal? Not wanting to land on her face – a valid concern given her unenviable position.
The Best One store, where this unusual incident occurred, took to social media to share the CCTV footage, turning Anne into an overnight sensation. Their post, infused with a touch of humor, read, “Don’t hang about like Ann, come down to best one to get the best deals!!!” They assured customers that the only thing rising in their store were the staff, not the prices.

This incident, while shaking Anne a bit, didn’t dampen her spirits or her sense of humor. Her friends have since serenaded her with renditions of “Fame,” and while Anne appreciates the newfound attention, she vows never to repeat her aerial stunt. “I’ll never go against those shutters again. Never. I’ve learned my lesson,” she declared, ready to handle her unexpected fame with grace and her makeup always on point.


Anne’s adventure is a reminder that life can sometimes lift you in the most unexpected ways – and not always metaphorically. It’s a tale that’s captured the hearts and laughs of many, proving that sometimes, all you can do is hang in there, even if it’s by your coat.