Writer Explains ‘Satisfying’ Meaning Behind Netflix’s New Most Watched Movie of the Year

Writer Explains ‘Satisfying’ Meaning Behind Netflix’s New Most Watched Movie of the Year

In the groundbreaking Netflix hit “Damsel,” Millie Bobby Brown captivates audiences with her portrayal of Princess Elodie, who finds herself in a predicament far removed from the traditional fairytale endings. The movie starts on a familiar note with a royal wedding, but swiftly veers into uncharted territory when Elodie is cast into a dragon’s lair, not for a heroic rescue, but as part of a darker, myth-like narrative.

What sets “Damsel” apart is its defiance of the age-old damsel in distress trope. Elodie doesn’t sit around waiting for a prince to save her. Instead, she allies with the dragon, turning the tale on its head. This twist isn’t just for shock value; it carries a profound message about independence and self-reliance.

Dan Mazeau, the film’s writer, delved deep into the narrative’s core, highlighting the unique bond formed between Elodie and the dragon. He explained to Screen Rant, “They’re no longer dragon and damsel. It’s an open question what their relationship is going to be.” This statement underscores the movie’s departure from black-and-white character roles, inviting viewers to ponder the nuances of their evolving dynamics.

Mazeau further elucidated, “They’ve surpassed what their relationship was… And now, for the first time, Elodie is free in a way that she never has been before, and the dragon is free in a way that it never has been before.” This reflects a mutual liberation, a theme resonating with contemporary audiences who value autonomy and self-determination.

Millie Bobby Brown’s take on her character aligns with this perspective. She stated, “She’s a damsel who doesn’t need to be saved. She saves herself in many ways.” This sentiment encapsulates the film’s spirit, challenging viewers to rethink traditional narrative arcs and embrace a more empowered and autonomous protagonist.

“Damsel” isn’t just entertainment; it’s a narrative revolution on Netflix, redefining heroism and partnership in a modern context. It’s a visual and thematic spectacle that encourages viewers to question and redefine their understanding of strength and liberation.