Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Heaven is a ‘Fantasy’, ‘We won’t see each other again after we’re gone’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Heaven is a ‘Fantasy’, ‘We won’t see each other again after we’re gone’

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the quintessential action hero and former governor, recently shed light on his views about the afterlife in a candid discussion with his old pal and “Twins” co-star Danny DeVito. During an interview for Interview Magazine, Schwarzenegger expressed a rather earthly view on what happens post-mortem, bluntly stating that once we die, that’s it—there’s nothing more.

The 75-year-old star, who’s also known for his philosophical musings, shared that the idea of an afterlife is more comforting fiction than reality. He believes that the physical presence we know and see is all there is, and once someone passes away, the connection is severed in the physical sense. This stance comes despite his Catholic upbringing, which traditionally supports the belief in an afterlife.

Schwarzenegger described heaven as a “fantasy” and elaborated on his personal coping mechanism for loss. He cherishes the memories of loved ones by placing them in a mental “front row,” where he can recall the joy and love they brought into his life whenever he thinks of them. This mental imagery helps him maintain a connection with those he has lost without relying on the idea of a physical reunion in an afterlife.

His refreshingly pragmatic view on death is influenced by his experiences within the bodybuilding community, where he has seen many friends pass away. Schwarzenegger’s perspective focuses on the tangible and the now, rather than an uncertain future beyond death.

Throughout the interview, Schwarzenegger and DeVito also touched on their careers, lives, and the changes they’ve observed in society and themselves over the years. Schwarzenegger’s comments are a reflection of his journey from a religious upbringing to a more secular, yet thoughtful, outlook on life and death.

This discussion between the two seasoned actors not only provided insights into Schwarzenegger’s views but also highlighted how personal experiences and public personas can influence one’s outlook on profound topics like the afterlife. It’s a reminder that behind the camera, celebrities grapple with the same existential questions as everyone else.