Jason Kelce Lost Super Bowl Ring in Chilli Filled Pool, ‘Now in a Landfill’

Jason Kelce Lost Super Bowl Ring in Chilli Filled Pool, ‘Now in a Landfill’
Credit: X/classof22swift

Jason Kelce, the NFL star known for his on-field prowess and off-field antics, found himself in a rather sticky situation during a live event at the University of Cincinnati. The Philadelphia Eagles center, who famously won the Super Bowl ring in 2018, had his prized possession turn into the star of a bizarre game called “Jason Lost His Ring” during the Lombaby Games. This game saw contestants fish around in inflatable pools filled with chili to find his Super Bowl ring—yes, chili. As you might guess, things didn’t go as planned.

Despite the festive and humorous setup, the ring was never recovered after the event. Kelce, who often joked about his tendency to misplace the ring, watched in dismay as his genuine Super Bowl memento slipped into the realm of lost treasures. He humorously recounted on his podcast with brother Travis Kelce that after the event, efforts to find the ring using a metal detector failed miserably, thanks to the iron content in the chili rendering the device useless.

The aftermath of this culinary caper led Kelce to conclude that his beloved ring was most likely spending its retirement in a landfill, a casualty of a cleanup operation that followed the messy event. This revelation was met with disbelief and laughter from his brother, Travis, who couldn’t help but call Jason an “imbecile” for allowing his ring to be part of such a precarious setup.

Video Credit: X/classof22swift

Despite the mishap, Jason seemed to take it all in stride, joking that the ring was just a “hunk of metal” and pondering whether it was possible to just get another one made. His casual attitude towards the loss might not mirror how most would react to losing a Super Bowl ring, but it certainly adds to the legend of Kelce’s laid-back personality.

The Kelce brothers’ podcast discussion about the incident not only provided some comedic relief but also showcased their strong familial ties and ability to laugh at themselves, no matter the situation. This incident might have ended with the loss of a valuable item, but it also highlighted the unpredictable and entertaining nature of live events, especially when the Kelce brothers are involved.

The saga of the lost ring serves as a reminder that sometimes, even the most well-intentioned plans can go awry, and perhaps, sticking to more traditional games and keeping chili bowls and Super Bowl rings separate might be the way forward. But then again, that wouldn’t be the Kelce way.