Bianca Censori’s Parents ‘Distressed’ By Unrecognizable Daughter

Bianca Censori’s Parents ‘Distressed’ By Unrecognizable Daughter

Bianca Censori’s parents are reportedly distressed after images surfaced of their daughter, nearly nude in public, intensifying their concerns about her being under the influence of her husband, Kanye West.

The 29-year-old Australian architect was seen wearing only a transparent raincoat and knee-high black boots alongside her 46-year-old rapper husband as they visited a Los Angeles music studio. While Bianca’s outfit risked violating California’s indecent exposure laws, Kanye was dressed in multiple layers, including a black top, joggers, a large cape, thick leather gloves, and a black face mask with a leather panel.

Sources close to the family told that Bianca’s friends and family are increasingly worried, hardly recognizing her anymore. “Her family and friends are mortified because it just keeps getting worse and worse,” the insider revealed, criticizing Bianca’s choice of attire and suggesting she might be under Kanye’s control.

California Penal Code 314 PC defines ‘indecent exposure’ as willfully exposing one’s g**itals in a public place, which could potentially apply to Bianca’s situation. The source added, “Her parents are so distressed over this because they do not recognize her. She would not be doing this unless she was being controlled.”

Kanye has faced accusations of imposing strict rules on Bianca, including limitations on her speech, diet, and attire. The couple, who married secretly on December 20, 2022, shortly after Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian, have raised concerns among Bianca’s parents, Alexandra and Leo. They fear Bianca might be a rebound following Kanye’s high-profile divorce.

Bianca’s family background includes controversies, with her father Leo having served time for drug and firearm offenses. Described as a significant figure in criminal circles, Leo’s past involvement in the underworld gambling industry has been documented, though Bianca has not commented on her family’s history.

This incident is not the first time Bianca and Kanye have faced legal issues. In September, they were banned for life by a Venetian boat rental company after an indecent exposure incident in Venice, Italy, where Kanye was seen exposing himself on a water taxi with Bianca.