Plus-Sized Model Says Airlines Should Make Seats Bigger Sparking Debate

Plus-Sized Model Says Airlines Should Make Seats Bigger Sparking Debate

A discussion emerged after a plus-sized model advocated for larger airplane seats, highlighting a common discomfort many face during flights.

The model, Gracie Bon, sparked the conversation with a viral video where she stated, “airplane seats are too small for big people.” Gracie, known for her curvy figure, documented her experience boarding a plane, capturing the attention of fellow passengers as she occupied two seats. In response to a comment, she revealed that she indeed books two seats for herself, emphasizing, “It’s 2024, bodies are changing so planes should too. I won’t lose my butt to fit on a plane so give me another solution or just make the seats bigger.”

Gracie has openly shared her journey, including her weight of 21 stone (300lbs) at the age of 21, expressing her past love for her body and her decision to prioritize her health.

The debate reached a wider audience when LADbible conducted an Instagram poll, revealing that over 50% of participants oppose the idea of enlarging airplane seats. Many suggested that Gracie should continue purchasing two seats or consider more luxurious travel options, with some dismissing her concerns as personal rather than universal.

Critics argued that increasing seat size would necessitate redesigning the entire plane to accommodate the change, impacting the aircraft’s capacity and economics. However, supporters of larger seats argued that the discomfort of flying warrants reconsideration of seat dimensions, not solely due to changing body sizes but to enhance overall comfort.

The discussion has led to calls for action, with some advocating for a petition to address the issue, reflecting a divide in opinions on whether the aviation industry should adapt to the evolving needs of its passengers.