Billie Eilish Turns Heads For Wrong Reasons in ‘Baffling’ Emmys Outfit

Billie Eilish Turns Heads For Wrong Reasons in ‘Baffling’ Emmys Outfit

The Critics Choice Awards 2024 in Los Angeles saw a mix of fashion hits and misses, with several celebrities making questionable style choices that left fans and critics alike baffled.

Billie Eilish, known for her unique fashion sense, turned heads for the wrong reasons with her layered outfit. She wore a black corseted dress over a long-sleeved white collared shirt, paired with tiny sunglasses, creating an odd ensemble.

Julianne Moore experienced a rare fashion fail with a crumpled purple strapless dress that seemed in need of a steam.

British actress Ashley Madekwe also ‘missed the mark’ in a jester-style dress with a yellow and lilac pattern and a plunging neckline adorned with pink-and-silver details.

Melora Hardin from “The Office” wore a leopard-print suit with a ruffled white shirt left open at the chest, revealing a criss-cross bra.


Perri Nemirof’s fashion choice included voluminous black pants paired with a white textured tank top and glittering suspenders, resembling a nineties music video extra.

Greta Gerwig, the director of “Barbie,” wore an oversized white dress that lacked the usual glamour of the event.

Bel Powley’s over-the-top white dress, complete with a bow tie, left her looking like a circus ring leader.


Awkwafina’s black-and-white lace outfit seemed more suited for a Victorian drama, and Brit Marling’s yellow dress had an unflattering silhouette and a strapless design that seemed precarious.

Keltie Knight’s red lace skirt revealed her black underwear, and Vanessa Morgan’s lace frock was more Moulin Rouge than red carpet. The front hemline was very short, with a ruffled train that added little elegance.

Male guests also had their share of fashion flops. Dan Levy from “Schitt’s Creek” wore an oversized suit jacket with too-short trousers, looking out of proportion.

Colman Domingo’s mustard suit and pale blue shirt combo were overshadowed by an unnecessary winter coat.

Chris Perfetti’s chic pale grey suit was marred by a strange lace grey overshirt.

Japanese filmmaker Takashi Yamazaki’s choice to carry a mini Godzilla model and wear claw-embellished shoes added an unusual touch to the red carpet.

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