Weight loss influencer Mila De Jesus dies at 35

Weight loss influencer Mila De Jesus dies at 35

Brazilian-born influencer and recent bride Mila De Jesus, celebrated for her dramatic weight loss journey, has tragically passed away at the age of 35 due to a suspected cardiac arrest.

De Jesus, originally from Brazil and residing in Boston, died on Friday, just four months after her marriage to George Kowszik, as reported by Jam Press. She is survived by four children from a previous relationship.

In the months leading up to her death, De Jesus had shared with her nearly 60,000 Instagram followers about her struggle with psoriasis, a condition causing itchy, scaly skin rashes. In an October post, she revealed, “It’s been three months dealing with this situation, 80% of my body is affected,” adding that she was “Juggling doctors, medications, ointments, and taking a deep breath.”

Six years prior, De Jesus had undergone significant weight loss surgery, a life-altering decision she reflected on in a November Instagram post. She juxtaposed photos of herself at 22 and 35, captioning it, “Six years since a decision that changed my life in various aspects.”


Her sudden death left her followers, friends, and family in deep sorrow. A long-time fan expressed their grief, saying, “Root follower here, since the beginning of YouTube. So sad, my God a lot of light, Mila. Rest in peace.” Another offered their heartfelt condolences.

Eduarda Gaia, a businesswoman and close friend of De Jesus, lamented her passing, stating, “I will remember our last conversation on the phone forever! I love you so much, friend.”

Pedro Marçal, one of De Jesus’s children, also paid homage to his mother, writing, “Rest, mom. I love you so much and no one will ever love me like you. God bless you.”

De Jesus was particularly renowned for her makeup tutorials, which she shared with over 100,000 YouTube followers, earning her widespread acclaim and a dedicated fan base.