Blood-Covered Horses Ran Wild Through London, One Soldier Injured

Blood-Covered Horses Ran Wild Through London, One Soldier Injured

In a dramatic incident in London, several blood-covered horses were seen running loose through the city’s streets, causing panic and injuries. Early on the morning of April 24th, witnesses reported seeing two horses galloping through areas including Victoria and Aldwych, covered in what appeared to be blood. The spectacle was captured on video and has since circulated on social media, drawing widespread attention.

The Metropolitan Police and the Army were quickly involved in efforts to manage the situation. Initial reports suggest that the horses might have bolted and thrown their riders during a routine exercise at the Horseguards Parade in Whitehall, leading to their frenzied dash through central London. Witnesses described the animals as looking stressed or panicked, which possibly contributed to the chaos.

One of the horses reportedly ran into a car, leading to a soldier being knocked down and visibly injured in the street, as recounted by construction worker Bashir Aden. Aden described seeing the soldier fall and scream in pain, with blood visible on the parked car struck by the horse. Emergency services responded promptly, and several people, including the injured soldier, were taken to the hospital.

Throughout the morning, efforts to contain and calm the horses continued, with police eventually confirming that all had been secured. The City of London spokesperson reported that two horses were contained on the Highway near Limehouse, and arrangements were made for them to receive veterinary care.

The incident raised questions about the handling of military animals in urban settings and the safety protocols in place during such exercises. The Army has since stated that the horses were spooked by noise from nearby construction activities, which may have triggered their unexpected behavior. This event highlights the challenges and potential dangers of managing large animals in densely populated areas.