Woman Holds ‘Living Funeral’ After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Woman Holds ‘Living Funeral’ After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Michelle Ng, also known as ‘Mike’, chose to celebrate her life with a unique gathering known as a ‘living funeral’ after being diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer in 2021. At just 29 years old, Michelle decided to hold this event in Singapore, bringing together friends, family, and loved ones to share memories and moments of joy, rather than waiting for a traditional posthumous funeral.

This poignant event was captured by the media brand Our Grandfather Story (OGS) and shared on their YouTube channel, highlighting personal reflections and interactions between Michelle and her guests. The footage showed Michelle enjoying the company of her loved ones, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and even sharing laughter, underscoring her desire to make the most of her remaining time.

During the living funeral, Michelle spoke candidly about her perspective on dying, which she found scary, but stated that death itself did not frighten her. She emphasized the importance of spending intimate time with loved ones, a sentiment that shaped her decision to host a living funeral. This gathering allowed her to be present to hear the appreciations and stories shared by those she cared about.

Emotionally charged moments were captured as friends and family spoke on the microphone, expressing their feelings and memories. Michelle maintained her composure and shared her acceptance of her fate, though she expressed sadness over the life experiences she would miss, such as having a family and growing old with her loved ones.

Michelle passed away ten days after her living funeral, leaving behind a powerful message about the importance of embracing life and cherishing every moment with loved ones. Her story is a touching reminder of the strength and resilience found in facing life’s most challenging moments with grace and courage.