Britney Spears’ First Ever Movie is Coming to Netflix after Never being Available to Stream Before

Britney Spears’ First Ever Movie is Coming to Netflix after Never being Available to Stream Before

Britney Spears, widely recognized for her iconic pop music career, also boasts a filmography that includes a notable 2002 movie, which is soon to be accessible to Netflix subscribers. For those navigating the vast Netflix library in search of a heartwarming tale centered around female camaraderie, “Crossroads,” featuring Spears in her debut lead role alongside “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Zoe Saldaña, is a perfect choice. Netflix announced on January 22 that starting February 15, “Crossroads” would be available for streaming globally.

Netflix excitedly shared on their social platforms, “The first movie to ever star the one and only Britney Spears has never been available on streaming… but that’s about to change! We’re thrilled to announce that Crossroads will finally be available on Netflix — GLOBALLY — starting February 15.”

In “Crossroads,” Spears portrays Lucy Wagner, joining forces with Saldaña’s Kit, Anson Mount’s Ben, and Taryn Manning’s Mimi. The storyline follows Lucy, Kit, and Mimi as they embark on an impromptu cross-country journey in Ben’s convertible, spurred by the discovery of their childhood wish box on their graduation night. This adventure becomes a pivotal experience, teaching them the value of clinging to their deepest aspirations.

Despite its upcoming Netflix debut, “Crossroads” has historically been met with critical skepticism, holding a mere 15 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics have described the film as overly solemn to the point of embarrassment, with Emanuel Levy remarking, “Naive and amateurish in both the negative and positive sense of these terms, Crossroads provides a disappointing showcase for pop icon and youth symbol Britney Spears, who pretends to be the new-retro Sandra Dee.”

However, not all feedback has been negative. The BBC praised Spears for her ‘natural, endearing, and extremely likeable’ performance, and over time, the film has achieved cult status among fans. The announcement of its Netflix release has sparked joy among viewers, with comments ranging from nostalgic recollections of watching the film in theaters to expressions of excitement about rewatching it on Netflix.

“Crossroads” is set to join the Netflix catalog on February 15, offering fans old and new the chance to revisit or discover this unique blend of friendship, adventure, and self-discovery.