Passenger on 9-Month Long Cruise Says there’s One Word People are ‘Banned’ from Saying

Passenger on 9-Month Long Cruise Says there’s One Word People are ‘Banned’ from Saying

Cruises offer an extended period of relaxation and leisure, provided you’re not prone to seasickness. However, even amidst the laid-back atmosphere, there are certain guidelines passengers are expected to adhere to.

Marc Sebastian, a TikToker currently experiencing Royal Caribbean’s extensive nine-month voyage, albeit only joining for the South America-Antarctica segment, has been sharing intriguing insights with his audience. During his journey, he’s uncovered various onboard regulations, including the surprising cost of $8 to use an iron.

In one of his recent videos, Sebastian highlighted a particularly unexpected rule: the taboo of discussing the Titanic. He recounted an incident where he mentioned to fellow diners that their vessel was merely 100 feet longer than the infamous ship, leading to a dramatic pause in the room. “When I tell you that, utensils dropped okay. Waiters gasped dead silent,” he explained. A friend later informed him, “You’re not allowed to talk about the Titanic,” a restriction Sebastian noted was not explicitly stated in any official guidelines but understandably makes people uneasy given the historical context of the Titanic disaster.

This revelation sparked varied reactions online, with some expressing disbelief and others drawing parallels to other superstitions, like the theatrical curse associated with mentioning “Macbeth.” One commenter likened speaking of the Titanic on a cruise to “screaming a bomb at an airport,” highlighting the sensitivity of the subject.


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Additionally, Sebastian touched on the tradition of ships having ‘Godmothers,’ with Whoopi Goldberg serving in this role for their cruise ship. He showcased a framed photo of her onboard, illustrating her symbolic importance. According to Cruise Critic, a ship’s godmother is believed to bestow good fortune and protection on the vessel, traditionally inaugurating the ship’s service by christening it with champagne during the launch and naming ceremony. In modern times, this act is often performed with the press of a button due to the immense size of contemporary cruise ships, rendering the traditional champagne bottle less practical.