Channing Tatum And Fiancee Zoe Kravitz Attend Lenny Kravitz’s Walk of Fame Ceremony Together

Channing Tatum And Fiancee Zoe Kravitz Attend Lenny Kravitz’s Walk of Fame Ceremony Together

At a recent star-studded event in Los Angeles, Zoë Kravitz and her fiancé, Channing Tatum, were spotted supporting Zoë’s father, rock icon Lenny Kravitz, during his Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony. The couple was among the audience on Hollywood Boulevard as Lenny received the 2,774th star, a prestigious honor marking his contributions to music, right in front of the Capitol Records building.

During the ceremony, Zoë, at 35, took the stage alongside Hollywood heavyweight Denzel Washington to speak about her father’s illustrious career. This family affair showcased not just the professional accomplishments of Lenny but also the personal pride and joy he brings to his loved ones.

The event was not just a celebration of Lenny’s musical legacy but also an opportunity to get a glimpse of Zoë and Channing’s flourishing relationship. The couple, who first sparked dating rumors back in January 2021, have since confirmed their engagement in October 2023 after Zoë was seen wearing what seemed to be an engagement ring.

Their relationship began on a professional note when Zoë reached out to Channing for her directorial debut, “Blink Twice,” a movie that also marks the couple’s love story’s inception. The duo has been sharing snippets from the film’s set, with Tatum praising Zoë’s directorial prowess and Zoë posting behind-the-scenes moments, including a Polaroid of them together, igniting excitement for the film’s release on August 23.

Lenny Kravitz, in an interview with PEOPLE, expressed his fondness for Channing, noting the special bond he shares with Zoë and how they are dedicated to making their relationship work. It’s evident that Zoë and Channing’s love story is intertwined with their artistic collaborations, adding a layer of intrigue and admiration to their partnership.

As the couple navigates their relationship in the public eye, they continue to support each other’s endeavors, whether on set or during significant family milestones like Lenny’s Walk of Fame induction. It’s clear that for Zoë and Channing, love, art, and family are deeply interconnected, making their journey together one to watch.