Lady Gaga Defends Dylan Mulvaney After Influencer Appeared in International Women’s Day Video

Lady Gaga Defends Dylan Mulvaney After Influencer Appeared in International Women’s Day Video

Lady Gaga, the pop icon known for her vocal support of the LGBTQ+ community, has once again stood up against anti-trans hatred, this time defending TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. The duo, who collaborated for an International Women’s Day photoshoot, found themselves at the center of a controversy when the shared photos prompted a wave of anti-trans comments and misgendering directed at Mulvaney.

Gaga, taking to Instagram, expressed her outrage over the backlash, emphasizing that the negative reactions should not be merely labeled as ‘backlash’ but recognized as outright hatred and violence. The “Poker Face” singer underscored the importance of solidarity among women and called for a universal celebration of all women, irrespective of their gender identity, on International Women’s Day and beyond.

Mulvaney, who has become an influential voice on TikTok, frequently faces online harassment. Despite this, she continues to share her journey and advocate for trans rights. Her resilience was acknowledged last year when she was honored as Woman of the Year by the LGBTQ+ magazine Attitude, reflecting on her acceptance speech’s ongoing struggle for acknowledgment and acceptance in a society that often refuses to recognize her womanhood as valid.

Lady Gaga’s defense of Mulvaney isn’t a first-time occurrence. Their bond was evident in a TikTok interaction back in 2022, showcasing Gaga’s long-standing support for the TikTok star. This recent incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the transgender community and the crucial role allies like Gaga play in amplifying the voices of those subjected to discrimination and hatred.

In a world where visibility and support can make a significant difference, Gaga’s and Mulvaney’s collaboration serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action to stand against transphobia and celebrate the diversity and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their gender identity.