Emma Stone’s Joke about Taylor Swift at Golden Globes has Fans Divided

Emma Stone’s Joke about Taylor Swift at Golden Globes has Fans Divided

At the 81st Golden Globes Awards held on January 7, both Stone and Swift were in the running for awards. Swift was nominated for her concert movie “Taylor Swift: The Eras,” recognized in a new category for cinematic and box office achievement, while Stone was nominated for her role in “Poor Things.” Stone emerged victorious, winning the award for Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture.

Following her win and acceptance speech, Stone faced the press, where she was unexpectedly asked about Swift’s reaction to her win.

Stone’s reply was both humorous and memorable. Approaching the microphone, she jokingly said, “What an a**hole am I right?” This comment elicited laughter from the audience. Stone then returned to the podium to add that she has known Swift for ‘almost 20 years’ and was ‘very happy’ she was present at the ceremony. She humorously concluded, “She was also nominated tonight which was wonderful and… Yes, what an a**hole.”

This exchange has led fans to social media, particularly on X (formerly known as Twitter), to share their thoughts. Many fans found the joke hilarious, with comments praising their friendship and calling for Stone to host future events. One user expressed, “I love their friendship so much,” while another suggested, “MAKE HER HOST IM BEGGING.”

However, not everyone appreciated the humor. Some users didn’t find the joke amusing, with comments like “Hilarious… Jk. Meh” and “It’s giving, who’s taylor swift anyways? ew.” Another user suggested that the focus should have been on Stone’s work, stating, “I love seeing women supporting women, friends supporting friends & people supporting people but why not ask Emma about the work she does instead? Since that’s what she got an award for? … there’s a time and place to fangirl over Taylor Swift & it’s called Twitter.”

Despite the divided reactions, Stone, with a Golden Globe in hand, seems well-equipped to handle any negative feedback.