Florida Man Captures 8 Foot Alligator With Bare Hands and Feet

Florida Man Captures 8 Foot Alligator With Bare Hands and Feet
Credit: Instagram/bluecollar_brawler

In an unusual display of bravery and skill, Mike Dragich, a Florida MMA fighter known as the “Blue Collar Brawler,” captured an alligator measuring 2.4 meters (eight feet) with nothing but his hands and feet. This dramatic event took place on the streets of Jacksonville’s Northside, drawing considerable attention from the local community and online followers.

The incident unfolded when Dragich, who is also a licensed alligator trapper and a military veteran, was attending a hockey game with his family. During the game, he received an urgent call from the sheriff’s department about a nuisance alligator spotted at a nearby shopping plaza. Despite not having his standard trapping equipment with him, Dragich responded to the call, driven by a sense of duty and adrenaline.

Upon arriving at the scene, Dragich found the large alligator, which appeared agitated and posed a clear danger to the public. Using his training and physical prowess, he managed to pin the alligator down using his bare hands and feet, demonstrating remarkable calm and expertise. This feat was not only daring but also crucial in preventing potential harm to bystanders.

After subduing the giant reptile, Dragich hoisted it up and carried the still-thrashing alligator down the highway. He then promptly returned to the hockey game, resuming his day with the same casualness as if he had merely stepped out for a breath of air. This act of bravery was not out of character for Dragich, who had previously captured a ten-foot alligator near a local elementary school, showcasing his significant abilities in handling such dangerous tasks.

Mike Dragich’s actions on that day further solidified his reputation as a real-life action hero in his community. Known for his courage and readiness to face challenges head-on, Dragich’s followers online and in Jacksonville continue to grow. His story is a testament to the extraordinary situations some individuals are prepared to handle, marking him as a modern-day protector of public safety.