Melissa McCarthy Says People Hate On Meghan Markle Because They Are ‘Threatened’ By Her

Melissa McCarthy Says People Hate On Meghan Markle Because They Are ‘Threatened’ By Her

Melissa McCarthy has come to the defense of Meghan Markle amid ongoing public scrutiny and backlash. In a conversation with Page Six at the Broadway debut of Suffs, McCarthy expressed her disappointment at the negative attention directed towards Markle, highlighting a broader issue of how women, especially those who are independent and successful, are often subjected to undue criticism.

McCarthy pointed out that the attacks on Markle seem to stem from people feeling threatened by her accomplishments and presence, which she finds more inspiring than intimidating. She stressed the importance of supporting rather than tearing down such figures, suggesting that the negativity reveals more about the critics than it does about Markle.

The Bridesmaids star also shared her positive personal experience working with Markle on a video for the Duchess’s 40th birthday, which launched the mentorship program, 40×40. Describing Markle as “wonderful” and “awesome,” McCarthy recalled how inspired she was by both Meghan and Prince Harry’s approach to life and their dedication to their family.

McCarthy’s comments came in light of her attendance at a musical that honors the American women’s suffrage movement, which prompted her to reflect on her own knowledge of women’s history and the ongoing need to recognize and celebrate women’s contributions to society.

This discussion about Markle and the criticism she faces ties back into broader themes of how women in the public eye are treated and the societal expectations they navigate. McCarthy’s outspoken support highlights a solidarity that seeks to shift the narrative from criticism to celebration of accomplishments.