Alec Baldwin Slaps Phone Out of Lady’s Hand After She Asked ‘Why Did You Kill That Lady?’

Alec Baldwin Slaps Phone Out of Lady’s Hand After She Asked ‘Why Did You Kill That Lady?’
Credit: X/CHBAF

Alec Baldwin was recently caught on camera reacting strongly in a coffee shop after being confronted by a woman who accused him of killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The incident occurred on the set of the movie Rust where a tragic accident involving a prop gun resulted in Hutchins’ death and injured director Joel Souza in October 2021.

Baldwin, who has faced legal scrutiny over the incident, was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter, although these charges were initially dropped in April 2023 before being reinstated in January 2024. He is set to face trial in July and continues to maintain his innocence.

The confrontation was recorded and shared online, showing the woman aggressively questioning Baldwin about the incident, accusing him of having no jail time despite his involvement. Baldwin asked for help from the coffee shop staff and requested police intervention as the woman continued to provoke him by calling him a criminal and shifting her shouts to political statements. The situation escalated when Baldwin, feeling cornered, slapped the phone out of the woman’s hand as she filmed him up close.

This incident highlights the ongoing public and legal battles Baldwin faces, not just in the courts but also in public opinion. The scenario in the coffee shop underscores the intense scrutiny and judgment public figures often endure and raises questions about privacy, accountability, and the boundaries of public engagement with celebrities.