Lana Del Ray Just Cost Coachella $28,000 Fine for Breaking Golden Rule

Lana Del Ray Just Cost Coachella $28,000 Fine for Breaking Golden Rule
Credit: Instagram/honeymoon

At the recent Coachella music festival, Lana Del Rey’s performance concluded with a bit more excitement than anticipated, resulting in a potential $28,000 fine for the festival organizers. This situation arose due to Del Rey’s set exceeding its scheduled time by 13 minutes. The City of Indio, where Coachella is held, enforces a strict curfew on festival performances, charging significant fines for any time overruns.

According to the city’s agreement with Goldenvoice, the organization behind Coachella, there’s a hefty fine structure in place to ensure performances wrap up on time. For the first five minutes past curfew, the fine is $20,000, followed by an additional $1,000 for each subsequent minute. This policy is designed to manage the festival’s impact on the local community, which includes noise levels and traffic control.

Lana Del Rey’s fans, however, seemed unfazed by the financial repercussions of her extended performance, focusing instead on the quality and memorable aspects of her set. She delivered 19 songs, including a surprise guest appearance by Camila Cabello, which was a highlight for many attendees. Despite the looming fine, the performance was well-received, with fans praising Del Rey for her compelling presentation.

This isn’t the first time Coachella has faced fines for curfew violations. British DJ Calvin Harris also incurred a fine last year for a similar issue, highlighting a recurring challenge for festival organizers. These incidents underscore the balance that must be maintained between artist expression and operational regulations at large-scale music events.

The City of Indio and Coachella organizers continue to navigate these challenges as they strive to provide a world-class festival experience while adhering to local laws and respecting the needs of the community. As for Lana Del Rey, the incident at Coachella adds another chapter to her rich history of memorable and sometimes controversial performances.