Footage From Las Vegas Appears to Show 2 ‘Beings’ Using ‘Cloaking Devices’

Footage From Las Vegas Appears to Show 2 ‘Beings’ Using ‘Cloaking Devices’
Jim Quirk / Extraterrestrial Reality Podcast

A recent video has surfaced showing what appears to be two alien beings using a cloaking device in a Las Vegas backyard, as analyzed by veteran crime scene reconstruction expert Scott Roder. The video, broken down frame by frame, reveals a “head with smoke around it,” which Roder identified as a cloaking device, peering over a fence. Roder, who has testified in high-profile criminal cases, applied the same principles to this investigation, asserting the entities are real and the video is not a hoax.

Roder collaborated with Jim Quirk, host of the Extraterrestrial Reality podcast, to recreate the scene captured on April 30, 2023. Before the sighting, an unexplained streak of light was seen across the sky, captured on Las Vegas police bodycams. This light was reported by 21 people across eastern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Shortly after, Angel Kenmore called 911 to report seeing an 8-10 foot tall, greenish alien creature hiding behind a forklift in his backyard.

The video shows Kenmore and his family reacting to the sighting, with Roder pointing out a second being peering over a tall fence. Despite skeptics suggesting the footage is of a shadow or smudge, Roder stands by his analysis, opening it up for peer review to validate his findings. He remains confident in his conclusion, asserting the beings are real and present in the environment with the Kenmore family.

Adding to the intrigue, Roder emphasized the importance of looking at the totality of evidence, including the light in the sky, the police response, and the movements of the visual anomalies. He is open to scrutiny from other professionals in his field, inviting peer review to either confirm or challenge his findings. Roder stated, “These two items, these two beings, are in the real-world environment with the Kenmore family. That’s a fact. Now the question is, who are they? Where are they from, and what do they want?” The ongoing investigation aims to provide further clarity and potentially groundbreaking insights into this mysterious event.