Mike Tyson Gives Health Update After Scare on Plane

Mike Tyson Gives Health Update After Scare on Plane

Mike Tyson, the legendary boxer, has reassured fans about his health following a recent medical emergency on a flight. The 57-year-old experienced nausea and dizziness while flying from Miami to Los Angeles, prompting the airline to request medical assistance. Paramedics attended to Tyson upon landing, and his team later confirmed that the episode was caused by an ulcer flare-up.

Tyson updated his followers on Instagram, posting a photo of himself looking healthy and relaxed at a gym. In the caption, he wrote, “Feeling much better now. Thank you to everyone who reached out with love and support.” Tyson, who is scheduled to fight Jake Paul in July, emphasized that he remains committed to his training and is excited about the upcoming bout.


Tyson’s representatives had earlier explained that the ulcer had caused him to feel unwell about 30 minutes before the plane landed. Fortunately, the quick response from the flight crew and paramedics ensured his safety. Tyson expressed gratitude for the medical assistance he received, which allowed him to recover swiftly and return to his routine.

Fans and fellow athletes expressed relief and support for Tyson in the comments. The upcoming fight with Jake Paul has generated significant anticipation, with many eager to see Tyson back in the ring. Despite the scare, Tyson’s recovery and positive outlook indicate he is ready to take on the challenge and continue his legendary career.