Founder Of Arizona Iced Tea Gave The Best Response When Asked Why He Keeps Price So Low

Founder Of Arizona Iced Tea Gave The Best Response When Asked Why He Keeps Price So Low

Don Vultaggio, the founder of Arizona Iced Tea, has recently won over new customers with his straightforward explanation for keeping the price of his drinks at 99 cents. Vultaggio, who co-founded Arizona Beverages USA over 30 years ago, has maintained the low price despite inflation and competitors raising their prices. In an interview with TODAY, he shared that they manage to stay profitable by making production and shipping processes more efficient, using thinner cans, and staying debt-free.

When asked why he doesn’t increase the prices to boost profits, Vultaggio simply replied, “We’re successful,” and emphasized that his company owns everything outright. He expressed that raising prices would burden consumers who are already struggling to pay their rent, and he sees keeping prices low as his way of giving back. Although he didn’t completely rule out a price increase in the future, he assured that it wouldn’t happen in the foreseeable future and promised to fight hard for consumers.


Vultaggio’s comments have resonated with many people on social media, with users expressing admiration for his approach and vowing to support Arizona Iced Tea. Several users on TikTok shared that they would start buying the drink more often or switch to it entirely to show support for a company that prioritizes consumer affordability over higher profits.

This commitment to affordability has made Arizona Iced Tea a popular choice, particularly among those looking for a cheap drink. Vultaggio’s stance stands out in an industry where price hikes are common, earning him and his company a positive reputation among consumers who value businesses that resist the urge to increase prices unnecessarily.

In a market where many companies continuously raise prices, Arizona Iced Tea’s approach of maintaining affordability is refreshing. Vultaggio’s focus on efficiency and customer welfare over greed has garnered widespread appreciation, highlighting the potential for business success without compromising on consumer-friendly practices.