Utah CEO and Daughter Killed By Bulldozer In Freak ‘Final Destination’ Accident

Utah CEO and Daughter Killed By Bulldozer In Freak ‘Final Destination’ Accident
Utah Highway Patrol

In a tragic turn of events, Richard David Hendrickson, CEO of Lifetime Products, and his daughter Sally were killed in a freak accident in Utah. They were driving through Ogden Canyon in Weber County when a bulldozer fell off a tow truck traveling in the opposite direction, crushing their SUV. The bulldozer tipped over into their lane, causing the fatal incident, while Hendrickson’s wife and two other children sustained non-life-threatening injuries.


Following this heartbreaking accident, Lifetime Products released a statement mourning the loss of their CEO. The company highlighted Hendrickson’s journey from a welder to the President and CEO, praising his exceptional skills and the significant impact he had on the company. The statement also extended heartfelt condolences to his family, acknowledging the profound void left by his and Sally’s untimely deaths.

The accident has brought renewed attention to the safety concerns surrounding the road where the incident occurred. Ogden Canyon, described as a narrow, two-lane passageway, has been the focus of a petition calling for restrictions on the types of vehicles allowed to use it. The petition, which has garnered around 1,700 signatures, emphasizes the inherent risks posed by the lack of shoulder width and the precarious nature of the road, flanked by the Ogden River and steep mountain cliffs.

Proponents of the petition argue that larger vehicles, like the tow truck carrying the bulldozer, present a significant danger to other motorists on this route. They call for measures to limit such vehicles on Highway 39 to enhance safety and prevent further tragedies. The campaign aims to make daily commuting safer for residents of Weber County, advocating for proactive steps to protect families and drivers navigating this challenging stretch of road.

This incident underscores the critical need for assessing and addressing road safety, particularly in areas with challenging infrastructure. It highlights the devastating consequences that can result from inadequacies in road design and vehicle regulations, prompting a collective call for change to prevent similar incidents in the future.