Gen Z Boy Won’t Talk To His Family Because ‘They Don’t Have Followers’

Gen Z Boy Won’t Talk To His Family Because ‘They Don’t Have Followers’
Dr. Phil

Larz, a Gen Z social media influencer with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, went viral after revealing on Dr. Phil that he refuses to speak to his family because they “don’t have followers.” This controversial statement resurfaced in a video on X, where Larz reiterated that his family is “irrelevant” due to their lack of social media presence. His comments sparked outrage and confusion online, with many users criticizing his narcissism and questioning his values.

During his appearance on Dr. Phil, Larz defended his stance by suggesting that people who are not relevant on social media wouldn’t understand his perspective. Despite backlash, he stood firm, emphasizing that he only interacts with those who match his level of online fame. Larz also mentioned that he has blocked his five brothers and four sisters on all social media platforms and would only consider reconnecting if they gained significant followings.

In a 2022 interview on the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O Show, Larz confirmed that he had ceased all communication with his family long ago, finding it embarrassing that people assumed otherwise. Instead, he claimed to have regular interactions with celebrities like Cardi B, whom he met on Twitter in 2015. He further justified his behavior by stating that he refuses to engage with people unless they are as famous as he is.

Dr. Phil, visibly baffled by Larz’s views, sought clarification, particularly when Larz mentioned his mother. Larz explained that while his mother had more followers than his sister, it was still insufficient to warrant his attention. Dr. Phil’s attempts to understand Larz’s rationale highlighted the generational and value differences that underpin such attitudes.

The influencer’s social media accounts, particularly his Instagram, have shown little activity since 2018, and his TikTok account has been removed. Despite his claims of fame and relevance, his online presence appears limited, raising questions about his actual influence and the sustainability of his social media-driven lifestyle.