‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Has Sold Over $65,000 Worth Of Merch Since Going Viral

‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Has Sold Over $65,000 Worth Of Merch Since Going Viral

Hailey Welch, known as the “Hawk Tuah” girl, has turned her viral moment into a profitable venture. Her partnership with Fathead Threads, following her NSFW street interview, has led to the sale of over 2,000 hats featuring her infamous phrase, bringing in more than $65,000. The hats, priced between $32.78 and $50, have been selling rapidly, including a signed version that quickly sold out.

Despite the financial success, Welch remains relatively low-profile. Jason Poteete, the owner of Fathead Threads, mentioned that Welch has not fully embraced her fame. She requested that no personal details about her life be shared and that her face not be featured on the merchandise. This approach suggests Welch is not seeking the limelight, but she is benefiting financially from her viral fame.


The collaboration with Fathead Threads has been lucrative, yet Welch’s Hollywood prospects remain uncertain. Contrary to some reports, United Talent Agency (UTA) has not signed Welch. She has largely stayed out of the public eye, focusing on her branding deal rather than pursuing a career in entertainment.

Welch’s story is a testament to how viral internet fame can be monetized quickly, even if the individual behind it chooses to remain in the background. Her partnership with Fathead Threads exemplifies how a single moment can be leveraged into a significant financial opportunity, highlighting the potential for viral stars to capitalize on their brief bursts of fame. As Welch navigates this unique journey, her choices reflect a careful balance between privacy and profitability.