Ricky Gervais Announces New Special And World Tour

Ricky Gervais Announces New Special And World Tour

Ricky Gervais has announced a new world tour, “Mortality,” and an accompanying Netflix special. Fresh off the success of his “Armageddon” tour, Gervais is already performing “work in progress” shows to fine-tune his new material. The tour, which delves into the absurdities of life and death, is expected to hit some of the world’s biggest arenas next year.

Gervais, known for his provocative and dark humor, hinted at the themes of his upcoming show by saying, “We’re all gonna die. May as well have a laugh about it.” Fans can expect a blend of his signature dark comedy and reflections on mortality. Tickets for his warm-up gigs go on sale tomorrow, offering an early glimpse of the new set.


The first eight warm-up shows are scheduled in various locations, including Cambridge, London, Woking, and Crawley throughout July 2024. For those who can’t attend the live shows, a Netflix special will be filmed, ensuring a global audience can enjoy his latest work.

Gervais has a history of stirring controversy with his jokes, which he addresses by emphasizing the nature of offense as a subjective feeling. In response to past criticisms, he has maintained that his humor aims to provoke thought and laughter, even if it occasionally offends. His unapologetic approach continues to resonate with many fans, making his shows highly anticipated events.

As he prepares for “Mortality,” Gervais remains a significant figure in comedy, pushing boundaries and challenging audiences with his unique perspective on life’s inevitable end. His ability to combine humor with existential themes ensures that his new tour will be both thought-provoking and entertaining, promising more of the dark comedy his fans have come to love.